Study on Antidepressant Emotion Regulation Based on Feedback Analysis of Music Therapy with Brain-Computer Interface

Mengru Sun 1

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In today's society, people with poor mental ability are prone to neuropsychiatric diseases such as anxiety, ADHD, and depression due to long-term negative emotions. Although conventional Western medicine has certain curative effect, these drugs have significant anticholinergic side effects central toxicity as well as cardiovascular and gastrointestinal side effects which limit their application in the elderly. At present, several antidepressants used in clinic have certain limitations. According to the symptoms of depression, this paper proposes a feedback emotion regulation method of brain-computer interface music therapy. This method uses special music stimulation to regulate the release of inhibiting sex hormones in the body, reduce the influence of negative emotions on the internal environment of the body, and maintain the steady state of the body. In this method, EEG is used as the emotional control signal of depressed patients, and this biological signal is transformed into music that depressed patients can understand, so as to clarify their physiological and psychological state and realize emotional self-regulation by feedback.

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